Mix World Metallic Chameleon peelable auto paint Mix World Metallic Chameleon peelable auto paint

Mix World Metallic Chameleon

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Mix World Metallic Chameleon peelable auto paint.
Exclusive color-shifting chameleon rubber coatings from Dip Protect®.


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The only and the most important requirement for Dip Protect® application is a clean surface. Before applying the product make sure that the surface is free of any contaminants (dirt, dust, bitumen, oil, wax etc). Pay attention to the edges and spaces between panels, because usually there is more dirt and dust in there. The product is adhesive-free and so it needs a very clean surface to bond. Before application check that the surface is absolutely dry. If you are painting a car, wash it a day before, so it can dry completely.
Dip Protect® liquid vinyl is a universal product and can be applied to metal, plastic, and glass. We recommend making some tests on small areas of the surface you going to paint. 
Before application, shake the spray can vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Make sure that aerosol temperature is above 15°C. You can put the spray can in warm water for a few minutes for better results. We do not recommend to apply the product when the air temperature is below 15°C. 
Start with a light coat spraying 20cm away from the surface. Try to keep your spray can parallel to the surface. Drying time depends on air temperature. We recommend to 15-minute wait between each coat. You can apply as many product as you like, but we recommend 7-8 coats for good peelability and smooth finish. The paint will be touch dry after 1 hour after the last coat. Full dry time is 24 hours.


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