What is Dip Protect®?


Dip Protect® is a revolutionary peelable liquid vinyl paint, developed by a great team with the best technical capabilities with extensive experience.


This product is a flexible liquid coating with a final result similar to conventional vinyl plastic and thus can be removed by pulling it.  



The product is sprayed on the surface in multiple coats to build up a thick layer. When dries it becomes smooth and solid with a rubbery matte finish. Dip Protect® will not only make your car look great and unique, but it will also protect your car or wheels from small scratches and сhips that usually occur on the front bumper, hood and side skirts.

We love making things look better. Especially cars.

Have you ever imagined your car or wheels in a different color? Or maybe you don’t like how chrome or plastic looks on your car? You have a sportscar or a motorbike that looks too boring?



Then Dip Protect® is the best solution for you.

We have a passion for creativity. You too?

Our product is perfect for getting creative with your vehicle:

  • - more than 80 colors to choose from

  • - choose your finish: matte, gloss, metallic, pearlescent, chameleon and more

  • - you can customize everything: wheels, emblems, trim or your whole car

  • - practicality and protection. Dip Protect® holds up extremely well to elements like sun, winter, salt etc.



Do it yourself?

It’s a DIY friendly product because it’s easy to apply and remove. You can experiment with different colors without spending a fortune on a full repaint.



We are more than happy to provide you with everything you need to get a satisfying result. Our experienced technicians will help you with choosing the right product for your needs.

Share your results with us! We would love to see your awesome projects! Send pictures and stories info@dipprotect.com